Monday, May 11, 2009

Moving Moving Moving!

OK this is the plan.

We are moving on Friday. Our house is in shambles right now because we've been so busy packing. Friday we're driving up to PA, putting it all in storage and moving into a Residence Inn for six weeks until we close on our house on June 29. The Residence Inn has a kitchenette (stovetop, microwave, no oven) so I will have to be creative to make some yummy foods.

Things we are bringing with us to the Residence Inn:
-All the grains and beans from my former boss's spiritual CSA
-All my beloved spices, oils, etc.
-Pressure cooker
-Electric skillet
-A couple of my favorite pots and pans
-The Griddler
-Assorted small kitchen tools (measuring spoons, can opener, vegetable peeler, etc.

So the goal is to make delicious foods despite being in a hotel. It will be a fun challenge! Especially since I start my new job on Monday!!!! Haha! I'm crazy.

Off we go!

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