Saturday, May 09, 2009

Amsterdam Falafel

The best falafel I have ever eaten at my life is served at Amsterdam Falafelshop in the Adams Morgan neighborhood in Washington, DC. I discovered this today when we went there for lunch. I read a review about it a long time ago and have wanted to go there ever since, but we didn't have a chance. Today we went to visit Gibby's grandma in DC one more time before we move (6 more days!) so we also made an effort to go eat falafel.

Oh my god. It is amazing. The best pitas ever, the best falafel ever, a wide array of condiments to add into the pita, and oh my god the fries are served Dutch-style in little cones with mayonnaise. I LOVE FRIES WITH MAYONNAISE. I was born in Holland while my dad was stationed there with the US Air Force and I think I may have caught some of the Dutch gene of loving fries with mayonnaise.

I wish we had gone to the Falafelshop before!!! I am sad. We will have to go back when we come down to visit. Gibby has said he will never eat falafel anywhere else for his entire life because this is the first time he has ever eaten falafel and he does not want anyone to ruin his perfect image of what good falafel should be. Yum yum!

Me and my falafel:

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