Saturday, April 18, 2009

Joe's Noodle House & Explanation

First I will begin by explaining what is going on in life. We are moving to northeast Pennsylvania on May 15. Therefore, much like back in 2006 when I moved to Maryland, the journey begins to try to cook everything that's in our freezer and pantry without having to buy new, fancy ingredients that we will just have to throw out when we move. So you might get a random assortment of recipes over the next few weeks, and that is why. Sometimes fascinating, delicious new recipes are discovered in moments of desperation, like the Tollhouse Pie I made in 2006. Awesome. So we'll see what happens.

In addition, my cooking creativity and adaptability will be forced into play on May 15 because we will be moving into a Residence Inn until our house closing on June 29. So that's like six weeks in a hotel room with a kitchenette. It has a full refrigerator, microwave, toaster, and stovetop... but no oven! That means no cookies :( We're figuring out which items we will bring with us to hopefully ease the difficulty of missing an oven, because everything else is going into storage. Scary! More updates about that as they come about, though.

Long-time readers may also remember that last time, as kitchen stock was depleted, eating out became more frequent. This is likely to happen again this time, especially as we pack up our stuff. I will post about the places we eat.

So summary: things will be weird for awhile, but come June 29 we'll be in a house with a huge kitchen, huge pantry, and the ability to create amazing new foods. Bear with me.


To begin our restaurant journey, we went out to dinner with my beloved coworker Michelle last night to Joe's Noodle House in Rockville, MD. Labeled one of the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants in the US and honored by Martin Yan, yet with all menu items priced below $10, we had high hopes for this restaurant. Perhaps our spoiled American palates are not prepared for true Chinese food though, because we were disappointed. I had see-u noodles with tofu, vegetables and egg and it smelled so weird and tasted only a little bit better. I also ordered steamed sweet bean cakes because I usually really like them, but these were ginormous and not so great. Gibby had the super-spiciest thing on the menu, some super-spicy stir-fried beef. He said it tasted spicy for the purpose of being spicy, not for the purpose of tasting good. He said it did not really taste good. He enjoyed his pork dumplings, though. My coworker ordered sesame chicken and apparently loved it because she was the only one to finish her meal. Maybe we ordered poorly? I don't know. If we were staying in Maryland we probably would give Joe's another shot, but since we're leaving soon we'll have to say goodbye and take our memories of crappy food with us.

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