Thursday, April 23, 2009

Counseling Party

At my school we like to bring food at the end of classes because it's always enjoyable to eat in celebration. Last night was our last internship class and so we all brought food. I brought Hello Dolly Bars, and there was all kinds of delicious food and we had a lot of fun. This was our last official counseling class ever (I still have two more Mondays of my elective) so it was especially exciting. So close to finishing my master's degree! Hooray!

Here are some pictures of food.

Samosas (spicy and non-spicy) from Sangeeta, and my Hello Dolly bars:

Maria with her chocolate bundt cake, and Sangeeta and her Bhel Puri:
bhel puri

Adding the tamarind chutney:
bhel puri 2

Fun times.

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