Monday, January 05, 2009


I was born in Holland. My dad was stationed there with the Air Force until I was 2, and my brother and I were born there. I think my parents lived there for 3 or 4 years total. They have many stories about the legendary government cheeses, breads, pannekoeken, and the glories of chocolate sprinkles on buttered bread (a treat from the hospital after babies are born). Something else they loved were Stroopwafels (pronounced STROPE-va-fulls), a wafery cookie filled with honey and syrup. Stroop means syrup, wafels means waffles. Syrup Waffles. Delicious.

Gibby's coworker is from Holland and today she brought in some Stroopwafels and chocolate sprinkles for bread. Gibby brought home a package of Stroopwafels for us.


I was very excited to try out this delicious dish from my homeland. So we opened up the package and...


deliciousness ensued. These cookies are amazingly delicious. I am going to need to order some in bulk from Europe. They certainly rival my beloved Happy Hippos from Wales.

Seriously, we have to visit Europe some time.

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CLR said...

I second that motion.