Friday, January 23, 2009

Catching Up

Last night we made Sunny's Avenue J Pizza again, using the same changes I had made the first time. I forgot that it took less time to cook my version, so I stuck it in for 25 minutes! Somehow I decided to check this blog to see what changes I'd made previously and saw my note that it only took 12 minutes to cook! I ran to the kitchen and pulled it out immediately, although it had already been in for about 21 minutes. It was a little crisp but not burned or unhappy. Still delicious.

Tonight I made Rumpledethumps. I didn't realize we don't have a picture of it! Oh well. Next time. I made this meal easier by getting some frozen steam-in-bag broccoli, a bag of coleslaw mix (pre-sliced cabbage!) and some pre-trimmed leeks. I reduced the amount of butter and cheese as well. It was still wonderfully delicious. I love it!

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