Friday, June 27, 2008

Birthday Dinner from My Family

Tonight I had planned to make Korean Spiced "Beef" & Cabbage Rolls, but when I got home, I had a package waiting for me from my family. It was a frozen gourmet meal, mailed to our house in a cooling package! It was from Gourmet Station, and it's a really neat concept. She ordered an Asian-themed meal for us: salmon with sesame vegetables, coconut curry rice with vegetables, "asian" baguettes, spicy Thai soup, and cheesecake! With some extremely easy prep (pop it in the oven for 40 minutes and wait), we had a whole meal. We haven't eaten the soup yet, as we're going to have it tomorrow for my actual birthday along with the Korean buns. We also haven't eaten the cheesecake yet because we are letting it refrigerate a little longer.

The meal also came with two packets of green tea, two linen napkins, a lotus-shaped candle, and some caramels.

It turns out salmon doesn't really travel that well, but the rest of the meal was yummy. We can reuse the candle and the napkins, too. It was a neat gift, and it was nice not to a) have to cook, and b) have to find a place for more "stuff."

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Marc!


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