Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Today my office threw me a surprise bridal shower. It was amazing and I was surprised and it was super fun. They rock.

One of the "foodie" highlights was a cake that was purchased from CakeLove, a popular bakery in the DC area that has received national fame since its chef and founder, Warren Brown, has a show on the Food Network called Sugar Rush. I met him last fall when I went with my boss to a talk show taping (my boss was a guest) and I almost peed of excitement. So to actually eat his cake was pretty freaking awesome.

And what a cake! Here is a photo from the CakeLove website:

It is the Strawberry Shortcake, described as:
A classic vanilla butter pound cake bursts with vanilla buttercream and fresh, sugared strawberries. A CakeLove favorite that's heartily endorsed by Mom!

It was SO RICH and delicious and so super unhealthy. We have the leftovers in our refrigerator and I am looking forward to eating the rest of it. It will probably be the only thing I eat tomorrow since the calories in one slice surely surpass a typical day's allotment.

Thanks, CCRA!!

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denise said...

just spend a good half hour tootling around the cakelove website.