Saturday, September 29, 2007


Tonight we went to the mall food court for dinner (classy, I know) before grocery shopping, and got dinner at Pollo Campero, a Latin American fast food restaurant. I didn't eat much because I don't eat chicken and yet chicken appeared in everything - including the "vegetarian" burrito - but I did get to sample a tasty interesting drink called Marañón.

I ordered it because we'd seen it on the Food Network a little while ago. It's a drink made of the fruit of a cashew. Yes, that's right, cashews aren't actually nuts. They're seeds of bizarre fruits.

Read more here.

So I had a drink made of these fruits. It tasted very weird but I kind of liked it. Gibby did not like it at all. It's weird. It kind of tastes like a combination of mangoes and cashews all at once.

Anyway, it was very interesting and I had fun trying something new. Hooray!

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