Sunday, July 29, 2007

Spicy Grilled Romaine Salad Pizza

...Or something like that. Follow me on this. All the links lead to other posts I made with the individual recipes for each component.

I decided I wanted to make pizza for dinner. A fancy pizza. I started with the recipe for Figs Pizza Dough. I have eaten at Figs before, and their pizza is fantastic. So I decided to make the dough from there. OK. What would go on it?

Continuing with my Todd English obsession (he is the executive chef for the Figs chain), I decided to try his Pizza Bianco. Simple white pizza (I don't like pizza sauce very much), topped with mozzarella rounds and a salad. OK, sounds good. But wait, what did he write in the authors' note? It's not traditional, but what's really great on top is a Caesar salad. Oh my goodness. Of course!

But since I'm Lauren, I didn't decide on just any Caesar salad. Instead, I chose a recipe by Mr. English's friend Bobby Flay for Grilled Romaine with Spicy Caesar Dressing. This would be fantastic on its own, but I decided to put it on the pizza instead of Todd English's Pizza Bianco salad.

I won! It was the best pizza ever. Despite my troubles with the pizza dough (which I will continue to make and eventually will master), the pizzas turned out amazing. We had no complaints, other than that they had to be eaten with a fork and knife, and that I have no idea how to clean my pizza stone. All three are definite make-agains!!!!

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