Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Corn and Potato Chowder

Tonight for dinner we had Corn and Potato Chowder from the January 2006 issue of Cooking Light. It was very good and tasty, and I would recommend it. However, it tasted extremely similar to my favorite Potato-Leek Soup, so I probably won't make it again. But I may sometime add some corn to the potato-leek soup, because I liked that in this soup.

My changes: I didn't have a bell pepper so I threw in some chopped onion, and I didn't have any Old Bay so I used some random poultry seasoning I got for free from Penzey's one time. It worked just fine.

Corn and Potato Chowder
If you prefer a hotter bite, add extra ground red pepper or some minced seeded jalapeño pepper to this thick and hearty, corn-studded soup.

Cooking spray
1 1/2 cups prechopped green bell pepper
1 cup chopped green onions, divided (about 1 bunch)
2 cups frozen corn kernels
1 1/4 cups water
1 teaspoon seafood seasoning (such as Old Bay)
3/4 teaspoon dried thyme leaves
1/8 teaspoon ground red pepper
1 pound baking potatoes, cut into 1/2-inch pieces
1 cup half-and-half
1/4 cup chopped parsley
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup (2 ounces) shredded reduced-fat sharp cheddar cheese

Heat a Dutch oven over medium-high heat. Coat pan with cooking spray. Add bell pepper and 3/4 cup green onions, and sauté 4 minutes or until lightly browned.

Increase heat to high; add corn, water, seafood seasoning, thyme, red pepper, and potatoes; bring to a boil. Cover, reduce heat, and simmer 10 minutes or until potatoes are tender. Remove from heat, and stir in half-and-half, chopped parsley, and salt. Place about 1 1/2 cups soup in each of 4 bowls; sprinkle each with 2 tablespoons cheese and 1 tablespoon green onions.

Yield: 4 servings

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Joy said...

I am obsessed with corn chowder. I think I will have to try this sometime. =]