Monday, August 07, 2006

Welsh Candy

On the SA Forums, we did a snack swap. My partner is located in Wales. I mailed him a box of American goodies, and in exchange he sent me some Welsh goodies. I sent stuff like Reese's, Twinkies, and Take 5 bars.

I got my box from him today! This is what was included:

The contents:
*Galaxy Ripple
*Cadbury Mini Rolls, strawberry flavor
*Turkish Delight
*Cadbury Flake
*Aero Bar
*Fruit Pastilles
*McVities Gold
*Walker's Sensations Crisps in Thai Sweet Chile flavor
*Mini Cheddars
*Jaffa Cakes in regular and lemon-lime flavors
*Kinder Happy Hippos

What I've Eaten So Far:
The Galaxy Ripple was melted so I ate it out of the wrapper with a spoon. It was quite delicious chocolate, sweeter than the chocolate in America. The Fruit Pastilles are very yummy, because I love fruity gummy candy. The lemon-lime Jaffa Cakes are super weird-tasting, but I liked them anyway and will still eat them. And the Kinder Happy Hippos are amazing and I will forever be asking people to mail them to me from the UK.

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Margaret said...

What a small world- my SA snack buddy was from Korea.