Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Welsh Candy reviews

Some more reviews of food I have eaten today:

*McVitie's Gold Bar: described on the package as being a 'digestive biscuit' which just sounded disgusting, so I was expecting it to taste like a baby's teething biscuit. But it was surprisingly delicious. It's more of a white chocolate surrounding a crispy sweet cookie. Nothing like a teething biscuit. :)

*Walker's Sensations Crisps, Thai Sweet Chile flavor: I do not know how to describe these other than that they taste like Japan. It's not quite spicy, it's just this weird flavor that reminds me of Japan. They're good though. Odd.

*Jaffa Cakes, original flavor: These are spongy biscuits with orange jelly inside, with chocolate on the bottom. I gave some to my men at the grouphome too and we decided that they are odd little snacks but not bad at all. Much better than the lemon-lime flavor, for sure.

OK more reviews tomorrow. Trying to pace myself. :)

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exa said...

lauren, i don't know if you remember me or if you will think this is creepy, but we went to wheelock together and had lit class together our sophomore year (with swen). anyway, i kind of fell upon your blog here, and as i'm also a vegetarian and trying to improve my cooking skills, i have tried a few of the recipes you've posted. they have been yummy! i started my own blog to keep track of my cooking adventures too. oh, and my mum spent a while in england and goes to visit friends there, so i've had a lot of the candies you are trying. those digestive biscuits and cadbury flake bars are some of my favorites.