Friday, May 19, 2006


First of all, last night I got seriously ill and was throwing up for several hours. It seemed like food poisoning, so I can only assume that is what it was. The whole time I was thinking, "Food, why hast thou forsaken me?" I looked forward to Figs for so long, and that was the consequence. :(

Today we had a better experience. We went to Fugakyu for a late lunch after graduation (!!!). It was really awesome and typical of Japan, and even had a conveyor-belt sushi bar that was similar to ones we had in restaurants when we lived in Japan. We sat in a little booth. I ordered a sushi/sashimi combo platter that came with miso soup and a salad with miso-ginger dressing. There were two maki rolls - tuna and salmon, and 4 pieces of nigiri - salmon, tuna, and an unidentified other fish. It turns out that I do not like nigiri because the pieces of raw fish are too big for me to handle. It's too mushy and seafoody. But I enjoyed my maki rolls.

My mom and dad both got chicken teriyaki bento boxes that looked yummy. I sampled various pieces of their lunch (tempura, a dumpling, etc) and enjoyed them.

For dessert my mom and I got an apple-filled spring roll with mango puree, strawberry sauce, and homemade vanilla ice cream. It was very delicious. :)

I'm glad we finally got to eat at Fugakyu, but it did not really live up to the hype. Maybe it is because we were there at lunch, or maybe we ordered the wrong things. It was good, it was just not anything spectacular.

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