Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Darwin and Mr. Bartley

Today we went to Cambridge to eat at some places we've been meaning to eat at, while doing other errands.

My choice was Darwin's, a sandwich shop. It was recommended to me awhile ago on Something Awful. We went to the Cambridge St. location. I got a sandwich called the Magnolia, described as:
Hummus, Avocado, Apple, Carrots, Tomato, Sprouts & Honey Mustard
I got it on sourdough bread. The honey-mustard had a very pronounced horseradish flavor that was awesome. The entire sandwich was amazing. I loved it!! I wish I'd gone to Darwin's long ago, because it was delicious.

Other person's choice was Mr. Bartley's Burger Cottage, across the street from Harvard. This restaurant has gotten consistently high reviews by every website, every local magazine/newspaper, and everyone who lives in Cambridge. Its draw is that many the burgers are named after current political figures. He got the "This Old House" burger, a 7oz burger with provolone, peppers, and onions. He got it with the sweet potato fries and a raspberry lime rickey (both extremely highly recommended online). I got an order of their 'famous' onion rings, since I had already eaten a sandwich but was hungry from all of our walking around. The fries were terrible, the onion rings were okay, and Cyrus said that the burger was "good, but Fuddruckers' is better." All in all, a disappointment. I would not eat here again.

One other event of note: people in Harvard Square were handing out free cans of Dr. Pepper's new flavor, Berries 'N Cream. It sounded vile but I took it anyway because it was free. It's actually not bad at all. Mine was diet, and it didn't taste diet. I don't know if I would necessarily purchase it for myself since I don't drink much soda, but if given it I would definitely drink it again.

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