Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Pillsbury Bakeoff and Wendy's

First of all, one of the women at the Cooking Light Bulletin Boards won the $1million grand prize at the Pillsbury Bakeoff this morning! Holy crap!!! Her recipe can be found here. I obviously will not try it because I don't eat chicken, but her recipes are consistently amazing so I am sure this one is excellent as well. You can see the video here, it's about halfway down the page, number 6 of 14. Aw, it's so cute. And another woman at the CLBB was a runner up! Her recipe can be found here. She won $10,000.

I need to learn to create recipes so I can enter the Bakeoff next year!!!! Congratulations to the Cooking Light girls!

Second part of this post: Xx reviews the new Wendy's Southwest Taco Salad.
"I thought that it was very good while the chili was hot, but when it cooled off it got all goopy and was not enticing. I did not use the Ancho-Chipotle Ranch dressing because it tasted like crap. Other than that, everything was good about it. But I will not buy it again."

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Denise said...

I think you should try this because I'm too scared to do so.