Monday, December 12, 2005

Cranberry-Walnut Bread

HERE is a link to my recipe (complete with pictures I took) for Cranberry Walnut Bread. I love it. It is from Everyday Food magazine. It's really good, especially the day after you bake it because then it gets all sugary and the cranberries aren't as tart as they are on the first day.

I posted the recipe on Something Awful's cooking forum originally (that is why the recipe was submitted by Lauren HaguPie - that is my handle on SA). Then it was picked up to go on this guy's website (Visual Recipes), and eventually it will end up on GBSFood. GBSFood is a compilation site of all of the recipes posted in the SA Cooking forum.

Confused enough yet?

Anyway, I hope you make the bread and enjoy it. I made two loaves: One to eat, one to freeze. The bread freezes ridiculously well if you wrap it up in plastic wrap. I am going to take it to my mom next week for Christmas.

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