Monday, November 07, 2005

This morning: Low-fat chocolate fudge Pop-Tarts and tea
"Lunch": wheat crackers, ritz snack mix (100 calorie pack), fruit snacks (100 calorie pack)

Then I went grocery shopping, and now we have real food. And a pumpkin-shaped Reese's that was on sale for 25 cents. Yum.

For dinner we ate:
-A mushroom-provolone grilled sammich thingy that is a lot like the ones they have at D'Angelo's
-And some garlic fries (baked fries sauteed in butter and garlic)

The sandwich recipe was from Penzey's magazine, and it was good. The garlic fries sounded like they would be incredible, but they were kind of underwhelming. So, the sandwich recipe is a make-again, the fries is a toss.

Now I am going to watch Medium and eat some Half-Baked Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream. Oh god yum.

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