Monday, November 28, 2005

Thanksgiving Review

This is what we had on Thanksgiving:
-Fritos and Onion Dip (from Lipton's soup box)
-Cheese ball and crackers
-Pumpkin-Walnut Foccaccia with Gruyere (Cooking Light recipe)
-Green Bean Casserole (with French's fried onions)
-Deep-fried Turkey (I didn't eat this obviously, but I highly recommend this cooking method)
-My mom's stuffing
-Apple-Shallot Herb Stuffing (from Williams-Sonoma)
-Sweet potato casserole (from some old Air Force Wives cookbook)
-Caramelized Brussels Sprouts with Chestnuts (Martha Stewart recipe)
-Cranberry sauce
-Roasted Garlic mashed potatoes (Martha Stewart recipe)
-Pumpkin pie (From the pumpkin can)
-Pecan pie (From Southern Living magazine)

My thoughts:
-The foccaccia was fun to make and was pretty good but I probably won't make it again. It wasn't anything special.
-The Brussels Sprouts recipe was really good, at least to me. My mom didn't really like the vinegar used in the caramelization, but I thought it went well with the sprouts and chestnuts.
-The apple-shallot stuffing was extremely underwhelming and was pretty similar to my mom's stuffing.

I will look for links to the above recipes, but if I can't find them and someone wants them I can try to type them up since I have hardcopies.

Other delectable things I ate in Connecticut, besides the ones already mentioned:
-Indian food from Mayesha in Danbury (vegetable biryani, aloo mutter ghobi, bombay naan, garlic naan)
-Edy's Pumpkin Ice Cream
-Hummus and pita chips
-Olive Garden salad (from Marc and Ally's take-out meal)
-Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls
-Edy's Toffee-Caramel Slowchurned Ice Cream

That is all. Now we're home in Boston and did some grocery shopping but I won't be cooking this week since we're so busy. I do need to bake some breads for my social work class on Thursday though. I'm planning to make cranberry-walnut bread, banana-nut bread, and some pumpkin-chocolate chip bars. Recipes will follow as I make them. The end.

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